Infographic Instructs You on How to Have the Perfect Workday

If you feel like you don’t accomplish as much as you’d like during the day, perhaps there’s a better way to structure your time. A recent experiment by the productivity app DeskTime finds that the highest-performing employees work for a consecutive 52 minutes before taking a 17-minute break. To visualize this, the Huffington Post put together an infographic that shows just how you can have that sort of day. They call it How to Have the Perfect Workday, and it provides helpful tips for finding bliss while still getting stuff done.
Besides working in the 52/17 routine, the chart also suggests to eat a high-protein snack during the morning and go outside on your lunch break. Take a power nap at 4:10PM. While you might not incorporate all of these tips into your day, every small change can help. Even if it’s just letting yourself watch cute cat videos at 5:29PM.
via [The Huffington Post and DesignTaxi]


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